HPO Token (hippopotamus token)

Hippopotamus (HPO) Token

Hippo Wallet Token

Powering Hippo Wallet!

Taking Hippo Wallet App To The Next Level

With the new HPO Token, users will be able to maximize the benefits of the app, earn rewards, and spend less on gas fees.

Overview Of HPO Token

HPO Token is a utility token, serving as the native currency that fuels Hippo Wallet’s products and services.

Ten billion HPO Token will be minted

25% on Ethereum, 25% on Polygon, 25% on MoonBeam, and 25% on Binance Smart Chain.

Cashback deflationary system

Blockchain Commodities will repurchase HPO Tokens equivalent to 25% of its annual profit.

Tokens of Appreciation

4% of the 10 billion HPO Tokens will be distributed to the current Hippo Wallet users as Tokens of Appreciation.

Join HPO ICO Now!

The HPO ICO starts on October 10, 2022. Existing Hippo Wallet users will be eligible to receive Tokens of Appreciation and an additional 20% discount when purchasing HPO during the ICO. At the same time, new Hippo Wallet users are also qualified to purchase HPO with a 20% discount.

Investors can earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY%) with the following Tiers:

Tier 1

72% APY % Earning
1 Month Staked

Tier 2

80% APY % Earning
3 Months Staked

Tier 3

90% APY % Earning
6 Months Staked

Tier 4

100% APY % Earning
12 Months Staked

Invest to Earn More

When investors contribute to HPO ICO, they can receive additional top-ups of 10% – 30%, depending on how much they have invested.

$3 - $300

10% More from the Investment

$301 - $3,000

15% More from the Investment

$3,001 - $10,000

20% More from the Investment

$10,001 and Above

30% More from the Investment

HPO Token Key Features


100% Secure And Friendly

HPO Token is 100% secure. It is created with top-notch levels of security, to ensure its useability and functionality for the users.

Multi-blockchain Fungibility

HPO Token is built with multi-blockchain fungibility. It is available on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Moonbeam parachains.


Fast Transaction Speed

The HPO Token ecosystem has a fast transaction speed. This assures users to experience faster processes, high user satisfaction, and overall token performance.

Multi-crypto Support

Being Hippo Wallet’s utility token that supports multi-cryptocurrencies, HPO Token is built similarly. Post-ICO, it will be available for trading on several decentralized exchanges.


Token Sale Information

Ten billion HPO Tokens will be minted on Ethereum (1/4), Polygon (1/4),  MoonBeam (1/4), and Binance Smart Chain (1/4).


Coin Distribution

50% Public Allocation Including ICO Pool

28.5% Marketing Allocation

9% Manage Reserve

8.5% Public Vested Plan

4% Hippo Wallet User Grant

Public Token Sale

What is HPO Token?

Hippo Wallet Token (HPO) is the native utility token of the Hippo Wallet application. HPO Token will drive the entire Hippo Wallet ecosystem, and fuel the products and services accessible in the Hippo Wallet application.

Hippo Wallet Token
Fixed Limit
10 billion
Token Price
USDT 0.003
Min Purchase
0.1 ETH / 250 TOKEN
ICO Starts
October 10, 2022
ICO Ends
January 2023
Early Bird
20% discount during the ICO period
Token Distribution & Use of Funds
50% Public ICO Pool Allocation
28.5% Marketing Allocation
9% Management Reserve
8.5% Vested Plan
4% Hippo Wallet User Grant



HPO Whitepaper is published on our HPO ICO Site and Hippo Wallet website.


HPO Lightpaper summarizes the entire Whitepaper. It is published HPO ICO Site and the official Hippo Wallet website.


HPO Outline presents the technical features of the Hippo Wallet application and summary of the HPO Token’s structure.

HPO Token FAQs

Hippo Wallet is a decentralized, non-custodial, multi-currency crypto wallet that is available now in the market.

Hippo Wallet Token (HPO) is the native utility token of the Hippo Wallet application.

Currently, HPO is priced at USD 0.003.

You can buy HPO from the ICO portal (insert link) on the official Hippo Wallet website.

Yes. Post-ICO, HPO can be traded on Riverex Decentralized Exchange HPO pools on Moonbeam and Ethereum.

Our Roadmap


August 2021

Start: Hippo Wallet Product Design

November 2021

Start of Hippo Wallet App Development

January 2022

Launch of Hippo Wallet Website

February 2022


- Bitcoin explorer and wallet
- Ethereum explorer and wallet
- Cardano explorer and wallet
March 2022
- Bitcoin explorer and wallet
- Ethereum explorer and wallet
- Cardano explorer and wallet
- ERC-20 Tokens

- ERC-20 Tokens
Q2 2022


- Tron explorer and wallet
- TRC-20 Tokens
- BNB explorer and wallet
- BSC Tokens
Q3 2022

ADD CUSTOM TOKEN STAKING WALLET CONNECT (Access DeFi platforms and web apps)

- Polkadot explorer and wallet
- Dogecoin explorer and wallet
- Lite explorer and wallet
- Bitcoin explorer and wallet
- Dash explorer and wallet
Q4 2022


- Stellar explorer and wallet
- Solana explorer and wallet
- XRP explorer and wallet
- Tezos explorer and wallet
- Algorand explorer and wallet
Q1 2023


- Filecoin explorer and wallet
- Fantom explorer and wallet
- Polygon explorer and wallet
- Huobi explorer and wallet

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